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On this page you can download an example of the Task Group concept. For a write-up of what Task Groups are please refer to this post. I also go in-depth of the various steps to create this concept in different blogposts.

To install this solution the Checkmark Control needs to be available in your environment. You can download the solution containing from my GitHub here.

Disclaimer: This solution is provided as is. It is not a production ready solution. It is only meant as inspiration how the concept “Task Group” can be used. Only install this solution in develop or sandbox environments.

What is in the solution

Case Management Task GroupModel-Driven AppThe app where you can test drive and see the Task Group concept in action
CaseTableCustom Table where cases get registered and worked
Set business process flow Booleans to readonly new stageBusiness RuleThis sets the Boolean fields to read-only in the BPF
Set basic information based on description and nameBusiness RuleThis toggles a Boolean in the BPF based on fields on the form
Set contact information based on account and contactBusiness RuleThis toggles a Boolean in the BPF based on fields on the form
Set required on BPF Stage “New”Business RuleSet the fields required only after the record is created
Case bpfBusiness Process FlowThe Business Process Flow containing the Task Group concept
Contents of the solution

Install Task Group Example and get started:

To install the Task Group example go to Navigate to solutions on the left-hand side and press import on the top command bar.

Shows where you can navigate to the solution area in the so called "Maker Portal".
Import Solution

A side-pane will open where you need to upload the solution. After you have uploaded the solution press next, review the solution on the next page and press Next again.

This will bring you to a page where you have to select a connection for the connection reference to Dataverse. If you not already have a connection to Dataverse you have to create one. Select the connection from the dropdown or press “New connection”.

Shows the step where you can create a new connection for the connection reference while importing a solution
Create New Connection

If you press “New connection” a new tab will open where you can create the connection reference. Follow the steps on the screen. When you are done, close the tab and press refresh on the import screen. Your newly created connection reference will now be entered. You are now ready to import the solution.

Shows the final step of the import of the solution.
Import the solution

After the solution is imported be sure to publish all customizations.

Now that the installation and the publish of the solution is complete, you can open the Case Management Task Group app. Create a Case record and you can see the Business Process Flow. If you enter the required fields you can see the Checkmarks change from a red cross to a green checkmark.


  1. Hello Ben, Thanks for share your knowledge, My name is Julian from Colombia, Im traying to import the solution Task Group Example but ther is one missing dependency:

    Dysplay name: bdenb_BenDenBlanken.PCF.Checkmark
    Name: bdenb_BenDenBlanken.PCF.Checkmark
    Type: Custom control
    Required by: Case bpf(information) System Form

    If you can update the solution or tell me how I could do by my side I would appreciate.

    Thanks very much!

    Julian Yepes

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