My overreaction to Microsoft Copilot Studio

Microsoft and their Generative AI and Copilot push. That is what 2023 is about. And this time at Ignite it is no different. In fact Copilot is mentioned in the Ignite book of news a staggering 281 times. I wanted to count the times Satya said it during the keynote. But I guess I better wait for Copilot to transcribe it, so I can ask it the question directly. In this blogpost I will write down my overreactions and ramblings about Copilot, the Power Platform but mostly about Microsoft Copilot Studio. While writing this, I recognize I am not good in overreactions, so my nuance will follow after my initial reaction 😅

Again with all the renaming of products?! Cognitive Search is now AI Search and Bing Chat is now Microsoft Copilot. This Copilot thing is already confusing! Every product has it’s Copilot and even Copilots to help you build Power Apps in which you can also utilize Copilots. I get that naming things is hard, especially with the fast development cycle Microsoft is in, but it is hard to keep up. I do think in the grand scheme of things, Bing Copilot fits better with the rest of the products. Now let’s jump into the biggest announcement. The loss of Power Virtual Agents and the birth of Microsoft Copilot Studio.

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